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Abolition In The Media

“Being labeled racist makes people and groups uncomfortable, but in unpacking that discomfort, we must question why it is more offensive for Greek life to be called a racist institution than it is for it to actually be a racist institution. ”

“Letter To The Editor: Why Greek Life Should Be Abolished”, Sahiba Gil

“Almost three years after joining, I realize that staying in the sorority was also a mistake. By convincing myself that the system itself could be changed, I helped perpetuate a system that hurts people. I was a diversity token to display every year at the presentations to administrators on why my Greek organization should remain on campus. Meanwhile, new women entered the system under the false pretense that there were “diversity efforts” only to experience the same racism and classism, except maybe a little better concealed.”

“My experience in greek life: an open letter to the Stanford community,” Lizzie Alvarado Ford

“If Greek life members are truly concerned with charity, they could generate 50% more philanthropy by not joining Greek life and instead paying all associated costs to a charitable organization.”

“Letter to the Editor: Greek charity would be better served as just charity,” Brady Kruse

“If Greek life members are truly con“I understand that for many people, sororities and fraternities mean something very special. I get that people have met close friends, and developed leadership skills and networks for future career opportunities through their time in the Greek system. But I’d ask those people which is more important: their individual experiences or the overall harm that these clubs perpetuate? There are better and more progressive ways to find community in college or to cultivate mentorships and job leads than clubs that at best exclude and at worst do active harm.”

“A Call to Abolish Greek Life”,Jessica Valenti

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