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About Us

Mission Statement

IFC/PANHELLENIC organizations were built upon and foster ideals of racism, sexism, homophobia, and elitism, cultivating deliberate exclusion. Abolishing this system is just a start; we must come together to create systems of care on our campus surrounding inclusion for all Vanderbilt students.”

Greek Life is a system based on DELIBERATE EXCLUSION, where organizations build what they see as a favorable image: WHITE, ABLE-BODIED, AND STRAIGHT.
ABOLITION does not necessitate replacement, but rather UPROOTING and RECONCILING.
Attempts to diversify Greek Life have led to the TOKENISM OF BIPOC, which reinforces the idea that institutions fostering “diversity and inclusion” will somehow fix SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION.
People keep JUSTIFYING THEIR PARTICIPATION in an EXCLUSIONARY INSTITUTION because of the friends they were able to make, which is understandable, but also an incredible INDICATOR OF YOUR PRIVILEGE and ability to overlook and undersell your PARTICIPATION IN AN OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM.
MISOGYNY, RACISM, SEXISM, ELITISM, TRANSPHOBIA, and HOMOPHOBIA are at the very root of these organizations. 
​After abolition, we need to INTEGRATE where SYSTEMS OF CARE are on our campus that we can FOSTER with the spaces and resources that had previously been granted to Greek organizations.
As long as Greek Life exists and is institutionalized, the HARM IS STILL THERE AND WILL REPRODUCE ITSELF. 
These feelings DO NOT APPLY as much to NPHC sororities and fraternities, as they play a KEY ROLE for BLACK STUDENTS, especially at a primarily white institution. The Black community is not exempt from misogyny, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia, but these organizations are a NECESSITY on white campuses because they were created to provide a SAFE SPACE for Black students to FEEL SEEN and CELEBRATED.

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