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IFC/Panhellenic Statistics

Prevalence of sexual assult is higher within the Greek community at Vanderbilt University.

At least one U.S. school, club or organization hazing death has been reported every year from 1959 to 2019.

Hazing Deaths Database: Unofficial Hazing Clearinghouse & Watchdog Site, Hank Nuwer

Sorority women almost twice as likely to experience rape as other college women, largely a function of their increased interactions with fraternity men.

Fraternity Culture Linked To College Sexual Assault Problem, Angela Carone

IFCPH sustains a cycle of privilege in which white students are more likely to gain professional opportunities than their non-white peers: “76% of U.S. Senators, 85% of Fortune 500 executives, and 85% of Supreme Court justices since 1910 have been alumni of fraternities and sororities.

18 U.S. Presidents Were in College Fraternities, The Atlantic, Maria Konnikova

Fraternity men are three times more likely to commit rape than non-fraternity college men.

‘Rapebait’ e-mail reveals dark side of frat culture, John Foubert, CNN

64% of sexual assault victims in college are associated with Greek Life.

“Good Guys Don’t Rape”: Greek and Non-Greek College Student Perpetrator Rape Myths, Taylor Martinez, Jacquelyn D. Wiersma-Mosley, Kristen N. Jozkowski, Jennifer Becnel

students who are white and from higher income families are more likely to go Greek. About 77% of Princeton sorority members and 73% of fraternities were white, while the entire student body was only about 48.8% white.

What to know before pledging a fraternity or sorority, Thom Patterson

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